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Joy recently did a Reiki healing on me and I am feeling fabulous. She made my first experience very comfortable and enjoyable. Joy has such positive energy that I naturally gravitated to her when I first met her. She has made me a more positive person with her gift and has left me feeling grounded, recharged and ready to take on the world. I would recommend Joy as she is talented at her craft and knowledgeable about her field. She can help you feel centered and also advise and make recommendations that contribute to your wellbeing.

Katherine Shamro

Zumba With Kat

I have been seeing Joy since she began and she is a true healing Reiki Master, her compassion makes it very easy to be around her and after every session I feel so much better, lighter and refreshed. she is very knowledgeable and is able to point one in the right direction. I highly recommend her and I don't think any new client will be disappointed. She is all good and a wonderful healer!

Kimberly Bonanno Reyes

Clinical Therapy Works

Reiki... I'm skeptical. My mom taught me about stones, and when I finally had enough of trying to figure out how to feel better, I finally called Joy, as she came highly recommended from someone I totally trust - another healer, of sorts.

Joy comes in with a scent from decades ago, and reminded me of simpler times -not necessarily easier, but a time I can remember my loved ones that are no longer walking this great Earth have left us. She was comforting, and inviting someone I didn't know into my home where I now live alone isn't exactly a habit of mine. Meeting her, I was immediately assured I was with a person who was not only safe but protective, an empath.

Choosing stones isn't the easiest, but I took the ones that made me feel them, or had a visual strike to them that made it uneasy to not pick them. The chart she made was dead on in the facets of my life I need help with, amazingly so.

That night was the first night in ages I was able to meditate, as Joy worked her way around me. Weird things started to happen: birds, numbers seemingly in the thousands, had gathered around and complemented the meditative music Joy chose to play during our session, and I really couldn't tell if it was intentional and part of the music, or truly birds just making raucous as usual, only I've never heard them here where I live before.

This woman made my sleep so much more restful, and the daily grind at work didn't even bother me. I'm still having the effects from that one session - centered, mindful, and at ease. The oils she used to protect me was so pleasant, and I'm very sensitive to smells.

Thank you for turning my apartment into an oasis!!


Upcoming Events

SAT 9/9/17

1PM TO 12 AM

@JAM4THEEND, 615 Broadway, Kingston, NY

@  Hudson Valley Holistic Market, Ramada Inn, Fishkill, NY

SUN 9/10/17

10:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

@ Huds‚Äčon Valley Holistic Market, Ramada Inn, Fishkill, NY

SAT  9/16/17

12 PM TO 8 PM

@ Festival of Hero's, Hot Shotz Bar, Kerhonkson, NY

SUN 9/17/17

11:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

@ Taste of New Paltz, New Paltz, NY

SAT 9/30/17

1:00 PM TO 8:30 PM

@ Bradley Park, Walden, NY

SAT 10/21/17 & 10/22//17

10:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

@ Healing Rocks and Gem Show, Ramada Inn, Fishkill, NY

SUN 11/19/17

10:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

@ Awaken Fair, Double Tree Hotel, Tarrytown, NY

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April 19, 2017

So, this is it.  My first blog entry.  My first website.  I am super excited to share things with you in a space that is public and open to anybody for information, self help, motivation, tears, happiness whatever you need.  I will be here with you to share it all.  In the course of the next few days, I will be attempting to share some great information regarding Reiki, Energy Healing, Chakra's and whatever else I feel may be beneficial to our healing as I grow and we grow.    I look forward to interacting with you.