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Joy Dejesus is a Private Practice Usui Reiki Master and Master Teacher since October of 2015.  My Lineage is five from Howayo Takata.  I am also a chakra crystal healer since June of 2016 referring crystals to individuals.  I use sound healing, singing bowls in my healing practice.  I am a lover of essential oils, using oil blends for healing and energy work.  I am a Distributor with Young Living Essential Oils and use only organic oils in my blends and sprays.  I have been practicing natural healing techniques on myself, family, co-workers, friends and animals.  I have helped clients in areas of health and wellness, self-esteem, PTSD, and Co-Dependency, stress, anxiety and a number of other areas.  In addition, I am Ordained through the Universal Life Church as a Minister.

What exactly is Reiki?  Reiki vitalizes your body and soul, balances your energy, loosens energy blocks, promotes relaxation, decreases stress, clears toxins and adjusts itself to fit the needs of you, the person receiving it.

Reiki and Distant Reiki

Offering Reiki and Distant Reiki Healings... prices vary depending on the time discussed during your initial evaluation.   Please contact me for further information.  

Also available are various package prices and gift certificates! 

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Crystal Chakra Healing

Through Chakra's, we transmit and receive physical, emotional and spiritual energy.  Stones are used at chakra centers for clearing, revitalizing and healing. 

Protection stone pendants are also available.

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Other Services

Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.... ask me about becoming a distributor or how to order your very own starter kit in addition to how to receive amazing oils and deals.   I also make my own Oil Blends,  Protection Sprays and Body Butters using only organic oils. 

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